Every day of the year, the dedicated staff of London Terrace Gardens
works hard to make your home a more enjoyable place to live. 
To show our gratitide, your London Terrace Tenants Association has produced this site to help make life better for tenants and staff.
During the holidays and all year long, there are two ways to show your appreciation for a year of good work.
           * Give directly to the people you know.
            * Leave an envelope for the holiday fund at the Concierge desk.

Building Captains: 415 9C: Inge Ivchenko  420 10E: Mark Shulman  425 6A Mark McManus  430 17E: Jillian Lieder  435 OPEN - JOIN US  440 9B: Eileen Moss  445 4F: Andy Humm  450 12A: Margaret Becker  455 OPEN - JOIN US  460 3B: Dorothy Moulton    Email:  Phone: 212.633.0385

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