Tenants Association

works for

ALL tenants

  • We work to protect of the rights of all tenants and the strengthen the rent laws in Albany.


  • We are working to bring more tenants under the Rent Stabilization System so that you will have the right to renew your lease at a reasonable rate.

  • In times of crisis, such as hurricanes and blackouts, we bring residents together to plan how neighbors can help neighbors get through them better.

  • We take an active role at our local Community Board 4 and the City Council to advocate for quality-of-life issues in our Chelsea neighborhood, especially the preservation of public space

We also run the city's best Street Fair. 


It doesn't matter how long

you've lived in London Terrace.


It's easy

to join and help carry the costs.


Here are just a FEW things :

  • We have helped lower rents by hiring lawyers on your behalf.

  • We have helped keep costly MCIs (additions to your rent)
    off your rent bill.


  • We help advocate with the city for a more liveable Chelsea. 

  • We respect and care for the buildilng staff by taking the Holiday photos, making the staff poster, organizing and making this community web site -- all to help you know your staff and remember them at holiday times

  • And MUCH more. Are you a member?

What has LTTA done for you lately?

Only $35.


to join with CC or Paypal.  

Only $35.


to join with CC or Paypal.  





Here's what your tenants association does: 



Building Captains: 415 9C: Inge Ivchenko  420 10E: Mark Shulman  425 6A Mark McManus  430 17E: Jillian Lieder  435 OPEN - JOIN US  440 9B: Eileen Moss  445 4F: Andy Humm  450 12A: Margaret Becker  455 OPEN - JOIN US  460 3B: Dorothy Moulton    Email:  Phone: 212.633.0385

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