This page is a work in progress. We want to add more about our glorious building. Please send your own contribution to 

This page is a work in progress. We want to add more about our glorious building. Please send your own contribution to 

= 1670 apartments
= Longer & wider than the Titanic
= More to come
= More to come
= More to come

London Terrace was the dream of real estate mogul Henry Mandel, a flashy developer who was the Donald Trump of his day. In the late 1920's, when the American economy was still strong, Mandel began acquiring land in Chelsea on which to build the largest apartment building New York, and the world, had ever seen.

By 1929, he owned the city block bounded by Ninth and Tenth Avenues and 23rd and 24th streets. The land was once owned by Clement Clark Moore, who wrote 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and was located across from fashionable "Millionaire's Row". Mandel hired the architectural firm of Farrar & Watmaugh to design the massive complex, which was built in two phases. The central structure, comprised of ten adjoining buildings, was completed in 1930. Later, the four corner structures were added. The complex contained 1665 apartments comprised of 4,000 residential rooms. Mandel's dream, however, was grander still.

He filled London Terrace with state-of-the-art amenities that included: a 75' x 35' pool, an acre of gardens, a building-wide intercom system, on site shopping, a free page-boy service, a telephone message service, a penthouse community room, a rooftop play area for children, and another roofdeck furnished like the deck of a grand ocean liner. The pool, roofdeck, and gardens are still in use today. Acclaimed and ambitious, the dream eventually killed its creator. The Great Depression struck just as Mandel started to build, forcing the developer into foreclosure in 1934. Mandel jumped to his death from atop his dream building, leaving the elegant London Terrace a financial mess that took almost fifteen years and four banks to clear up.

Building Captains: 415 9C: Inge Ivchenko  420 10E: Mark Shulman  425 6A Mark McManus  430 17E: Jillian Lieder  435 OPEN - JOIN US  440 9B: Eileen Moss  445 4F: Andy Humm  450 12A: Margaret Becker  455 OPEN - JOIN US  460 3B: Dorothy Moulton    Email:  Phone: 212.633.0385

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