Every year,

at the end of September,

24th street closes down & perks up.


Neighbors and friends gather

on the street. 


This is no ordinary street fair. 

It's a real neighborhood happening.

It's where you're bound to find something grand.


The  tables are packed with

household goods, great clothing bargains, bric-a-brac, and everything else you might expect from a neighborhood garage sale

or tag sale.


Except it's London Terrace's sale. 

Which makes it exceptional.


If you'd like an application to participate in your street fair, 
 just click here. 

The LTTA Street Fair: An authentic NYC experience since 1992.
Sept 26, 2020

Building Captains: 415 9C: Inge Ivchenko  420 10E: Mark Shulman  425 6A Mark McManus  430 17E: Jillian Lieder  435 OPEN - JOIN US  440 9B: Eileen Moss  445 4F: Andy Humm  450 12A: Margaret Becker  455 OPEN - JOIN US  460 3B: Dorothy Moulton    Email: TENANTS@LTTA.info  Phone: 212.633.0385

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